Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Motivated Article of the Week. Rags to Riches

This article is a must read for any entrepreneur. Check it out by clicking on the link below Larry Ellison.

How Entrepreneurs Do It

As I watch one of new favorite shows "How You Get So Rich" which airs on TV Land. And I began to think. Although I am not yet a millionaire but I tend to think like one at my job as a store manager. I write many business plans about my ideas but I have yet to move forward with any. So I wondered how exactly do these self-made entrepreneurs do it. Last week I spoke with an entrepreneur who runs a new dry cleaning business that delivers to your door. As we spoke we both agreed on that business but be unique. Even if they sell the same product, they must have one thing that is different the others.

What entrepreneurs must have is creativity. As well as having love, passion, and the desire to want their product or service. There are many fast food restaurants around in every town. This is still a growing industry and needs more entrepreneurs to feed a hungry country that loves to eat. Starting a fast food business or food business can lead to success and could end with failure faster than you can blink your eye. The difference between all the restaurants is creativity. They all serve hamburgers or pizzas but one may do it better than the other, have faster service, more selection, friendly customer service, tastier food, or just outstanding marketing.

If you want to remain better than your competition or just run a great business you must have creativity. I have been successful in my industry because I come up with different sales pitches or marketing tactics to close deals or bring customers in. You can start hot dog cart next to another food cart and be successful just because you grill your hot dogs and they don't. You must do your market research first and see if the location is feasible. Prepare your SWOT analysis and figure out what will be your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Entrepreneurs have the desire to and creativity to be successful. They have the passion needed and they are also not afraid to fail. If a guy can make a million dollars selling goofy teeth toys then why can't you. I believe if someone else can do it then why can't you. Im beginning to turn my life around and I want everyone who doubts themselves to do it to. So for everyone who thinks that it's impossible to be a entrepreneur it's time to get up and Get Motivated!
Stay Focused

Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Steps to Help Finding your Inner-Motivation

Finding what motivates you can be very easy for some but difficult for others. Which one you are depends on how you look at life. That is why I'm putting together 3 steps to bringing the motivation out of you. These are based on what I have seen, being in sales, as a manager and from reading. These three steps are not in any order.
One step is finding out what gets you happy and repeating it throughout the day. That can be your child, mother, house, or car. Whatever it is that makes you happy start thinking about it during your work shift and see how it can help.

Another step is to read books that inspire you. I know for me its entrepreneurial one's that have a message such as "The Dream" Gurbaksh Chahal. It can also be business, housekeeping, car magazines, or fictional novels. Reading is a gateway into another world. Sometimes you have to picture yourself in someone else's shoes or read something that just makes you smile. Whatever it is these 2 steps are just a beginning. The most difficult thing for people to do is find self motivation. So get up and get yourself motivated!!