Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Steps to Help Finding your Inner-Motivation

Finding what motivates you can be very easy for some but difficult for others. Which one you are depends on how you look at life. That is why I'm putting together 3 steps to bringing the motivation out of you. These are based on what I have seen, being in sales, as a manager and from reading. These three steps are not in any order.
One step is finding out what gets you happy and repeating it throughout the day. That can be your child, mother, house, or car. Whatever it is that makes you happy start thinking about it during your work shift and see how it can help.

Another step is to read books that inspire you. I know for me its entrepreneurial one's that have a message such as "The Dream" Gurbaksh Chahal. It can also be business, housekeeping, car magazines, or fictional novels. Reading is a gateway into another world. Sometimes you have to picture yourself in someone else's shoes or read something that just makes you smile. Whatever it is these 2 steps are just a beginning. The most difficult thing for people to do is find self motivation. So get up and get yourself motivated!!

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